Review the Cloud was launched in 2018 by Mark Fretwell.

Mark spent the last 20 years helping businesses create and market digital services, including news, in-depth industry data and software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms. In addition to his own consultancy, he works in-house as product and marketing director of a small global software company in the automotive financial services industry.

“The idea came from all those times I’ve spent evaluating general-purpose cloud software packages for clients or in-house projects. I’ve discovered there’s no substitute for a hands-on experience of a product, but also how time consuming that can be – and I want to help people shortcut the process”

Review the Cloud aims to provide independent, plain-english reviews of general-purpose cloud software based on our own hands-on evaluations.

We’d never suggest making a software decision based on reviews alone, but we hope our reviews are useful in helping you shortlist the products you want to take a closer look at.

If you have any questions, opinions or experience using any of the products we’ve reviewed then we welcome your comments and will endeavour to answer as quickly as we can.  We will only moderate comments where we consider them to be unhelpful, rude or offensive to others.


Disclosure:  This website includes affiliate links for some of products we have reviewed. This means that if you click a link or banner and subsequently go on to become a paid user of a product we may receive a small commission. We don’t believe this influences our reviews, but we think it is important to be open so you can make make your own decision. If you prefer not to support the site in this way you should open a separate tab or browser window before visiting the website for any product we have reviewed.