OnePageCRM Review

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OnePageCRM was launched in 2010, with the aim of creating a CRM that’s 100% focused on sales actions and as easy to use as email.

I found the idea that someone could create a CRM from a single web page an interesting concept, so I signed up for the trial to see how they’d managed it!

The product is actually made up of a few different pages, but the primary focus is what they refer to as ‘next action workflow’ centred around the Action Stream page.

Here’s how it breaks down:

  1. Action Stream – a prioritised list showing the next action for each contact
  2. Contacts List – a tabbed page that allows you to browse people and organisations
  3. Contact Page – enabling rich data capture, with the addition of notes, calls and deals
  4. Pipeline – a tabbed page providing two views (Kanban/Forecast) of deals in flight
  5. Activity – feed of activity for the whole organisation
Action Stream

This page is the main focus.

It renders a list of contacts based on their next action, with the most immediate and urgent at the top of the list.

onepagecrm review

Focus is always on the actions due, outstanding or urgent, and upcoming actions can be hidden in a collapsible menu. You can decide how many actions to show on a page, or use infinite scroll to see all actions.

Down the left side of the page there’s a list of items you can use to filter, allowing you to see contacts based on their status (e.g. lead, prospect), lead source or tag.

onepagecrm review

You can also create (and save) additional filters using one or more saved data fields, and custom data fields can be added under settings so there is support for customisation.

Contacts List

The page renders an alphabetical list that you can toggle between contacts and organisations.

onepagecrm review

You can also use the search in the toolbar from anywhere in the system.

Contact Page

This page has all the usual capabilities for entering contact details; but what I really, really like about it is how the next action takes centre stage.

onepagecrm review

This product is all about getting things done.

I also love that when you mark an action complete it takes you straight into creating the next action. In a sales focused product this is a killer feature that helps ensure everything gets followed up.

It’s easy to add a Note or a Call from this page, or you can add a Deal with useful options for monthly billing and commission.


The pipeline page is a particularly nice feature of the product.

I like the grid style layout of the Forecast view. The ability to see the number of deals and revenue by stage and anticipated close date and drill in to see the details is useful for sales teams and their managers. onepagecrm review

The Kanban view provides a different perspective that will help sales teams identify where they need to focus in order to keep sales flowing.

onepagecrm review


OnePage CRM has apps for both iOS and Android available.


OnePage CRM offers single-tier pricing of just £9.75 / €11 / $12 per user a month (depending on where you are).

The free plan is only available to Not for Profits, but everyone else gets the benefit of a free 21-day trial so you can evaluate the product before committing.

Click here to claim your free trial.


OnePage CRM is a great option for sales teams who all follow a similar sales process.

Sales people will get a lot of benefit from using the Action Stream as their to-do list, and I particularly like the Pipeline with options for toggling between Kanban/Forecast views, Weighted/Un-Weighted forecast and between Revenue/Commission.

The product doesn’t really cater for users outside of the sales team, so if you are looking for a product that will unite the different functions in your organisation then this probably isn’t the one for you.

However, if you are looking for a sales-focused tool that will help you get things done, with good reporting capabilities then check out the 21-day trial.

80% Great

Sales-focused CRM that helps raise productivity and improve forecasting. Balances the needs of sales teams and management extremely well, with very little learning curve.

  • Ease of Use 100 %
  • Value 80 %
  • Features 70 %
  • Integrations 70 %
  • Support 70 %
  • Value for Money 90 %
  • User Ratings (2 Votes) 97 %

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